World History

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World History deals with that events that are of global importance.

During Pre-Modern period, we will study the different cultures flourishing in different important centers. These effect of these cultures are not truly wide but limited only to certain regions. We will study the cultures of Ancient China and Ancient Greece. We will study about the Mongols ruling in Central Asia.

The way of studying history changes with age of Enlightenment. Rather than studying history in chronological order it focuses on the important events. The Enlightenment is an intellectual revolution in philosophy which first started in England and quickly spread to other parts of Europe. We will study the twin Forces of Modernism which is Renaissance and Reformation and will see the viewpoint of different philosopher. After this, we will see the creation of various nation-state in Europe and how this gave birth to new idea, Imperialism. We will also talk about the various revolutions such as American Revolution, French Revolution and the spread of Democratic and Libertarian ideas. Then we will move towards industrialization that first started in England and how it changed the world’s political shape.

The conflict for taking over more territories than other power finally resulted in the World War I. In between studying the causes and effects of the war, we will also look at the Russian revolution and the advent of Communism. We will also study the Great Depression and the changes in society and culture during the interwar period. How dictatorship rise in few countries and ultimately resulted in Second World War. We will study the consequences of the war, collapse of imperialism and starting of cold war between USSR and US.


American Revolution

French Revolution

Napoleonic Era

American Civil War (1861-65)


Rise of Nationalism in 19th Century

Unification of Italy and Germany

Imperialism and Colonialism

First World War

Russian Revolution

Fascist Revolution in Italy and Germany

Second World War

Post-Second World War Developments

Collapse of Soviet Union (1985–91)

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