Indian History

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Indian History| Ancient, Medieval and Modern History of India

The history of India is dynamic and culturally very rich. It starts with the beginning of human civilisation. It begins the culture that started flourishing along the Indus river and in farming communities in the southern lands of India. The History of India can be divided into three parts: Ancient, Medieval and Modern.

Ancient Indian History begins with the Indus Valley Civilisation also known as Harappan Civilisation which was thriving in the today’s part of western part of India and Pakistan during 2,500 BC. In between, we will talk about the rise of various kingdoms such as Mauryan empires, Gupta empires. We will also see the rise of various religions such as Jainism, Buddhism etc. In the last, we will talk about the Harshavardhan and condition of South India during 7th Century.

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Medieval Indian History starts with the advent of Rajputs in the North India. After that we will talk about the Tripartite Struggle. This period came to be dominated by Islamic culture when the Muhammad Ghori defeated the Delhi King Prithviraj Chauhan and his slave Qutubuddin aibak led the foundation stone of Delhi Sultanate. We will also study about the Mughal empire established by Babur.

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Modern India starts from late 18th Century, when major parts of India was captured by the British East India Company. The anger with their no responsible rule cause rebellion of 1857 which ends the Company era and started the British Crown era. The early 20th century show the disagreement with British rule which turns into the nation wide movement joined many organizations which ultimately led to independence and also partition of India into the dominions of India and Pakistan.

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