Chapter 4 Tomorrow Class 12 Kaleidoscope English NCERT Summary

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Chapter 4 Tomorrow Class 12 Kaleidoscope English NCERT Summary is designed to help students understand and strengthen their concepts. Class 12 English Summary are organized in a way that allows for easy navigation and comprehension, making it a valuable tool for studying and preparing for exams.

Tomorrow Class 12 Kaleidoscope English NCERT Notes offers concise explanations and key points of the chapter helping students grasp the main ideas quickly.

Chapter 4 Tomorrow Class 12 Kaleidoscope NCERT Notes

About the Story

This short story shows the pain of a girl who had been tricked by two old men, one of whom was her father, a retired sailor, and the other was her owner, Captain Hagberd. The girl may have been of marriageable age at the time. Her father lost his sight because he was getting old, but the owner is also blind, and he is looking for his son Harry, who has been at sea for 16 years. Every day, he tells himself that his son will return tomorrow.

About the Author

Joseph Conrad was born on December 3, 1857, in Berdyczew, Poland. His father was a writer and a translator of the works of William Shakespeare. In 1868 Conrad attended high school in the Austrian province of Galicia for one year. He began a seafaring life in 1874. He learnt English at the age of 21, and in 1886 became a British citizen. His famous works include The Nigger of the Narcissus (1898), Lord Jim (1900) and Nostromo (1904).

Tomorrow Class 12 English Summary

Captain Hagberd is an old widower who knows his son will never come back, but he keeps looking for him anyway. He was in charge of the group and lived in Colchester, U.K., at first. He gave up his job as the ship’s captain. He was the one who kicked his son out of the house in the U.K., but when his wife died, he decided to look for his son Harry.

He looked for him all over England and the places he sailed, but he couldn’t find him. Someone wrote him a letter once, maybe as a joke, saying that his son had been seen in Colebrook harbor. So, he sold his home and other property in Colchester, moved to Colebrook, bought a piece of land, and built two small, cheap houses on it. He fixes up one house for his son’s return and rents out the other to Josiah Carvil, who was blind and had retired from the Shipping Corporation, which made ships. He was also a widower, and Miss Bessie Carvil, his only daughter, took care of him. Captain never let anyone come into his cabin. He told Bessie, one day his son, Harry will come and marry her.

One day a strange man visits at the captain’s cottage claiming himself to be Harry, his son. Captain refuses him as his son and tells him to go away from there and say that his son will come ‘tomorrow’. Bessie asked the stranger if he is really Harry and he replied him in a positive way. She is convinced as his face appearance was matching with Captain Hagberd.

Bessie told him his father love him so much. In reply, Harry told her that her parent were very controlling and beat him. They also not allowed him to pursue the profession of sailor and wants him to became a lawyer’s clerk. Thus, he fled from home. He told her, now he wants to make of me a blamed tame rabbit in a cage. Harry asked for some money which Bessie brought and gave it to him and told him to go. He took the money and kissed Bessie all over and went away from there. Realizing her dark future ahead, Bessie tried to stop him, but he was already gone. Captain Hagberd told her he was an imposter and his son, Harry will return tomorrow.

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