Tips to prepare Your Resume to get Job In 2022

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With its own set of highs and lows for job seekers, the year 2022 has been a mixed bag. Whether it’s freshers leaving college looking for work or seasoned professionals considering a career change or a job shift, 2022 hasn’t been kind to anybody.

We can look at current statistics to see that India’s unemployment rate was 3.53 percent in December 2018. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), in our nation, the unemployment rate may be as high as 3.5% this year. In addition, there are now approximately 18.9 million unemployed individuals in India, according to a government estimate. According to Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy Private Lt., in February 2019 there were total 400 million employed people in India, whereas there were total 406 million employed people in India just a year before. This data is certainly shocking.

2019 has been a mixed bag for job seekers, with its own set of ups and downs. Whether it’s fresh graduates seeking employment or seasoned professionals looking to make a career change or individuals planning on a job switch, 2019 has not been kind to anybody. However, the issue of finding appropriate resumes and CVs for the open positions in the market is one of the primary reasons that HR specialists across India have identified as being responsible for recruiting declines.

Every year, as businesses develop and job descriptions mature, the skills required for them and how they should be presented on Job Applications and Resumes change. And 2019 has been no exception! If you’ve been submitting your resume in the conventional style and format for years, it’s possible that recruiters aren’t returning your calls because of it. So if you want to appeal to recruiters’ and HR professionals’ attitudes towards your Resume, it’s time to try a more current and modern approach.

Here are some suggestions on how to make your normal or uninteresting resume into a compelling job application that will set you apart from the hundreds of others that are stacked up in HRs’ inboxes.

Attractive File Name

  • There are several technicalities that one must keep in mind when it comes to living in a digital world.
  • This is especially true when it comes to naming your Resume Doc File.
  • So, if you want to post a resume on a job portal or email it to a recruiter, make sure you give it an appropriate name.
  • Despite being one of the most basic facts, any job seekers, regardless of experience, occasionally make this mistake.
  • If you file your document with a generic name like “resume.doc” or “coverletter.doc,” it’s more likely that the HR will lose track of which resum├ęs are they looking at, since they receive hundreds of applications per day.
  • As a result, always add your Resume Doc name and Cover letters to be personalized.

Scannable Resume Format

  • Today, many top companies and corporate houses have adopted Resume Scanning softwares that go through hundreds of thousands of resumes and CVs and match candidates to their ideal occupations based on their skill-set and expertise.
  • Only those Resumes that pass through this machine scanning are reviewed by HR personnel.
  • As a result, it’s critical for you to create a scannable resume that includes all the necessary details in the appropriate locations.
  • Even if we exclude machines, HRs today are so crowded with applications that they only have 10 to 20 seconds to scan a CV before either shortlisting them for an interview or putting the CV in a “No” stack.
  • Even if you don’t believe in machine scanning, it’s still beneficial to make your resume scannable.

Latest Format & Style

  • The objective of this essay is to assist you in creating a contemporary, modern resume that will wow the recruiter at first sight.
  • And there’s no better method to accomplish everything listed above than with a resume format and style.

Chronological Resume

  • In general, resume writing has been written in a chronological fashion, which is known as narrative style.
  • It is a more recent and contemporary type of resume writing that emphasizes your skillset and what you can provide for your employer rather than what you have done in the past.
  • Employers are increasingly interested in your skill set and what you may do for them rather than what you have accomplished in the past, which is why such a new, more current style of resume writing has evolved.

Functional Resume Format

  • Many HR recruiters, on the other hand, have begun to prefer Resumes that combine both of the above approaches, leading to the rise of a new and more modern resume style.
  • Such resumes cover a job seeker’s chronological accomplishments in addition to his or her abilities acquired over this period.
  • This offers recruiters a complete picture of one’s profile, allowing them to evaluate an applicant’s potential accurately.

Subtle Self Promotion is the Key to be Hired

  • Whether you like it or not, a Resume is essentially a marketing brochure that a job applicant uses to impress the employer.
  • As a result, in order to have oomph and charm, a Resume needs to have some.
  • However, while bragging about one’s accomplishments and accomplishments, be extremely cautious not to go overboard.
  • Simply stated, what impresses employers and hiring consultants about resumes is subtle self-promotion.
  • If your resume is simply a document that summarizes your educational and employment history, it will not assist the recruiter in selecting you over other candidates.
  • However, a more customized approach that emphasizes your abilities and potential will make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Highlight Your Skills and Potential

  • The world of employment has changed significantly since the 1960s, when most jobs were filled by individuals who could not read or write.
  • The only thing that distinguishes you from other job applicants is your talents. That is what your future employer is searching for as well!
  • So, you must be very precise in your resume about the talents that your potential employer is seeking for.
  • For instance, if your employer is searching for someone who can develop websites, it’s up to you to let them know that you’re a website developer and offer several methods through which you may do so.
  • You might either include a portfolio or provide links to previous employment as part of your application.
  • This will give your employer an accurate picture of not just your skillset but also your potential in this field.

Concluding Words

Here are a few examples of how you may use these elements. While not every employer prefers to do so, the following will help you create a contemporary resume that can not only wow the HR but also ensure that they accurately understand your abilities and potential.

This is the initial step toward getting the employment that not only compliments your skill set but also lays the groundwork for a long-term career success.

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