Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Summary

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Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Summary are a valuable resource for students who want to study from NCERT textbooks carefully. With these notes, students can identify important concepts and learn them thoroughly. This will help them score well in their exams and build a strong foundation for their future studies. The notes are prepared by experienced teachers making them easy to understand and learn.

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Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Notes

About the Poet

Ogden Nash was born in New York on 19 August 1902. Nash was a schoolteacher before becoming a copywriter. His first poem appeared in the New Yorker in 1930. In 1931, he published his first collection of poems, ‘Hard Lines’. Among his famous works, Nash wrote ‘The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus’ (1957) and ‘Girls are Silly’ (1962). He is perhaps best known for his ‘nonsense poetry’.

Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon Short Notes

‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ is a humorous poem. Ink, a black kitten, Blink, Mustard, and Custard are the four pets of Belinda, who lives in a small white house with her four pets. Among them, there was Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard. They boasted about their bravery, teased Custard for his cowardice, but one day a pirate broke into Belinda’s house. Ink, Blink, and Mustard fled in fear, hiding in fear. Custard confronts and kills the pirate bravely. Custard made Belinda very happy. She embraced him. The other pets also danced with joy. However, they were soon boasting about their bravery. She again took them in. Leaving Custard crying for a nice safe cage, she showered all her care for Ink, Blink and Mustard.

Chapter 10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Detailed Summary

In the poem, Belinda is introduced as a little girl, who lives with her pets in a white house. Besides the black kitten Ink, the mouse was called Blink, the dog was called Mustard, and the dragon was named Custard. They were all very courageous and brave pets except Custard.

A dragon, Custard, was described by the poet as having long sharp teeth with spikes on top and scales beneath. He had the appearance of any other dragon. The poet used similes to compare the dragon to a fireplace. Custard’s mouth was fiery red and hot like a fireplace, while his nose was like a big chimney that emitted huge, warm breaths. The toes of his feet were like daggers.

Belinda’s characteristics were described. She was brave as a barrel full of bears. Her bravery was equivalent to the bravery of several bears combined in a barrel. Despite the Lions’ aggressiveness, the kitten Ink and the mouse Blink were so brave that they even chased them down. Mustard, the dog, was as brave as an angry tiger, but Custard, the dragon, was an absolute coward. He looked for a safe place where he could hide himself from everything that seemed dangerous.

To make fun of Custard, Belinda tickled him so much that it turned into cruelty. Custard was bullied by her other pets, who called him Percival, the legendary brave knight of King Arthur. Belinda was seated in Belinda’s little red wagon with her other pets. Custard was laughed at by all of them as they thought he was the most cowardly of them all.

The unmerciful tickles of Belinda and Mustard were cruel to Custard. They referred to him as Percival, a heroic warrior. They asked his age. The poor Custard begged for a nice safe cage with trembling eyes. A nasty sound suddenly echoed through the room. The dog growled and everyone turned to see a pirate climbing in through the window. He is beard was black. One of his legs was of wood. He looked terrible and his intentions, too, seemed terrible. He held a pistol in each of his hands and a dagger in his mouth.

Belinda called out for help when she saw the pirate. Ink hid in fear. The dog Mustard fled away and Ink fled as well. The little mouse Blink entered his hole. The dragon Custard attacked the pirate with his powerful tail. He jumped on him like a robin on a worm. A pirate fired two bullets at Custard, but they missed the target. Custard swallowed him instantly. Custard was embraced by Belinda. Mustard licked him. Ink and Blink danced joyfully around him.

The dragon Custard swallowed the pirate, but was not rewarded for his bravery. Belinda and her pets praised themselves for their bravery; the poor Custard was mocked for being meek and timid.

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