Spanish Curse Words: Find Out Here

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Everyone knows that curse words are popular among language learners. Even though they’ve become more respectable in recent years, the fact remains that if you want to get your point across quickly and with gusto then you need a few well placed swear words.

But while there’s nothing wrong with learning these kinds of words – in fact it might be considered the responsible thing for any adult to do – it can sometimes be difficult knowing exactly which Spanish curse word to use in any given situation. That’s why we’re here! Read on to find out all about the most common Spanish cursing words.

The following is a list of the most common Spanish swear words and expressions. To start, you’ll see the easier ones, but keep scrolling down until you reach the bottom. It’s where you’ll find the more colorful obscenities.

Spanish Curse Words with English Translations

  1. joder: shit
  2. carajo (Latin America): fuck; shit
  3. Idiota (Spain, Latin America): dumbass; jerk; idiot
  4. Estúpido (Spain, Latin America): stupid
  5. hijo de puta (Spain, Latin America): son of a bitch
  6. tortilla (Latin America): dyke
  7. Mierda (Spain, Latin America): shit
  8. Imbécil (Spain, Latin America): jerk; imbecil
  9. hijo de perra (Spain, Latin America): son of a bitch
  10. Pendejo (Latin America): asshole; dumbass
  11. Puta (Spain, Latin America): Bitch
  12. Zorra (Spain, Latin America): Bitch; whore
  13. Marica (Spain, Latin America): fag
  14. faggot (venezuela): Goddamn it!
  15. Maldito (Spain, Latin America): Damn you!
  16. coño(Spain): Pussy
  17. Apestar (México): to suck; to stink
  18. Bastardo (Spain, Latin America): bastard
  19. Culo (Spain, Latin America): ass
  20. Tarado (Latin America): moron
  21. lame botas (Latin America): ass kisser
  22. vete al demonio (Spain, Latin America): go to hell
  23. Mamahuevo; mamagüevo (Venezuela): cocksucker
  24. Huevón (Latin America): asshole; dumbass
  25. Gilipollas (Spain): stupid; shithead
  26. Cabrón (Latin America): bastard; dick
  27. Malparido (Latin America): motherfucker; son of a bitch
  28. Puta madre (Latin America): Goddamn it! Fuck!
  29. A la mierda! (Latin America): Holy shit!

You’ve just gone through 29 of the milder swearing. Prepare to go all out now. The following are the entire sentence profanities that should be used only in extreme cases.

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5 More Spanish Curse Words

  • Me cago en… is also used in Spain. It means “I shit on…”
  • Que te jodan. It is used in Spain as something similar to ‘fuck you’.
  • Que te folle un pez. (also used in Spain). It means “I hope you get fucked by a fish”. (I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, that’s for sure)
  • Que te den por culo. Also used like ‘fuck you’ same as the previous one, and also mainly used in Spain.
  • Que te den. Up yours. This is used like ‘fuck you’. (also used in Spain)

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