Medieval Indian History

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We can divide the medieval Indian history into tree parts for better understanding.

• In the first part, we will study the early medieval period of Indian History between AD 750 and AD 1200. Between AD 750-AD 1000, we will see the rise of three important political powers in India. These were Gurjara Pratiharas in western India and upper gangetic valley, Palas in eastern India and Rashtrakutas in Deccan and South India. Between AD 1000-AD 1200 we will study various smaller kingdoms all over the country such as different Rajput dynasties such as the Chahmanas (Chauhans), Chandellas, Paramaras. etc.

• In the second part, we will study the establishment and expansion of the Delhi Sultanate in India (AD 1200 to AD 1526). The rulers during this period were of Turkish and Afghan origin. They established their rule after Turk Muhammad Ghori defeated was Delhi king Prithvi Raj Chauhan. During this period of around three hundred years five different dynasties ruled Delhi. These were the Mamluks (AD 1206–AD 1290) (popularly known as slave dynasty), the Khaljis (AD 1290–AD 1320), the Tughlaqs (AD 1320–AD 1412), the Sayyids (AD 1412–AD 1451) and the Lodis (AD 1451– AD 1526). All these dynasties are collectively referred as the Delhi Sultanate. The last of the Delhi Sultan, Ibrahim Lodi was defeated by the Mughals under the leadership of Babur in AD 1526 who established the Mughal Empire in India.

• In the third part, we will study the Mughal Dynasty. We will study about founder Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb and rulers after him. We will study their administration system, architectural works and many other things. The rule of this dynasty ended when Britishers took away power from them.

Tripartite Struggle

Origin of Rajputs

Prominent Rajput Dynasties
The Pratihara Dynasty
The Palas of Bengal
The Rashtrakutas
The Cholas
The Chahamanas
The Chandellas of Bundelkhand
The Paramaras of Malwa
The Chalukyas of Gujarat
The Tomaras
The Gahadavalas of Kannauj
Kingdom of kashmir and north-west
Karkota Dynasty
Utpala Dynasty
Yashaskara Dynasty
Hindu Shahi Dynasty
The chedis of Tripuri
The senas of Bengal
The chodagangas of Orissa
Slave dynasty
Khalji dynasty
Tughlaq dynasty
Saiyyad dynasty
Lodhi dynasty
Administration under sultanate period
Economy and Social system of Sultanate period
Art and architecture of Sultanate period
The Vijayanagar Kingdom
Sangama dynasty
Establishment of Mughal Empire
The Later Mughals
The Maratha Empire

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