List of Important Lines and Boundaries

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List of Important Lines and Boundaries

The line which demarcates the two countries is termed as Boundary line. You should have knowledge of the important lines and boundaries of world as it can be asked in the examination and also help in understanding many topics in better ways. Therefore, we are providing a list of important lines and boundaries of world.

List of Important lines and boundaries

Boundary Name Between Countries (Length) and Information
Durand Line Pakistan and Afghanistan (2,430 km) Drawn up  by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1896.
Radcliffe Line India and Pakistan (3,323 km) Drawn by Sir Cyril Radcliffe in 1947.
McMahon Line India and China (885 km) Drawn by Sir Henry McMahon.
Hindenburg Line Germany and Poland (140 km) Built during the winter of 1916–1917 on the Western Front during the First World War.
Oder‐Neisse Line Poland and East Germany (467 km) Devised by the Allied powers at the end of World War II.
Maginot Line France and Germany Built in the run-up to World War II.
Mannerheim Line Russia and Finland Drawn by Finland to defend itself against invasion from the Soviet Union.
Siegfried Line France and Germany (630 km) A German defensive line built during the 1930s opposite the French Maginot Line.
17th Parallel North Vietnam and South Vietnam Designed in 2nd July 1976 before the two were united.
38th Parallel North Korea and South Korea (250 km) Formed prior to the Korean War.
49th parallel North USA and Canada
Curzon Line Poland and Soviet Russia Proposed during the Russo-Polish War of 1919–20
Mannerheim Line Finland and Soviet Russia Defensive fortification line on the Karelian Isthmus built by Finland
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