Chapter 8 Going Places Class 12 Flamingo English NCERT Summary

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Chapter 8 Going Places Class 12 Flamingo English NCERT Summary serve as an effective guide allowing for a comprehensive assessment of knowledge and identifying areas that may require further improvement. It helps in solidifying the understanding of concepts but also boosts self-confidence by showing progress and mastery of the chapter.

Chapter 8 Class 12 Flamingo English NCERT Notes allows students to approach exams and assignments with a sense of preparedness ultimately leading to improved marks in the exams.

Chapter 8 Going Places Class 12 Flamingo NCERT Notes

About the Chapter

This story is about a girl named Sophie, a teenager. Sophie envisions herself as the owner of a boutique shop and a renowned fashion designer. Her friend, Jansie brings her back to reality by reminding her that achieving such big dreams would require a significant amount of money, which they currently do not possess. Sophie recounts an encounter with Danny Casey, a famous footballer, at a boutique. Excitedly, she informs her brother that he had promised to meet her. However, in her own dreams, she envisions waiting for him at a secluded location far from town. Despite deep down knowing he won’t show up, she stubbornly waits and waits for him. Unfortunately, her reluctance to accept reality eventually leads to a heartbreak as she realizes he will never come. Her sorrow is made worse by her fear of being mocked by her neighbors, who have come to hear of her fictitious relationship with Danny Casey.

About the Author

A. R. Barton, a contemporary writer residing in Zurich, is known for his English writings. In his story, Going Places, Barton explores into the concept of adolescent daydreaming and idealization of heroes. Through his story, he explores how young individuals often create fantasies and look up to certain figures as role models or idols.

Going Places Class 12 Flamingo English NCERT Summary

Sophie and Jansie, two friends walking home from school, engage in a conversation about their future plans. Sophie is curious to know what Jansie envisions for herself after leaving school. Jansie, being a practical and down-to-earth individual, acknowledges that she has realistic expectations for her future. She reveals that she is aware of being destined to work in a biscuit factory but seems satisfied with this predetermined fate.

Despite coming from a poor family, Sophie possesses great ambition and dreams of owning a boutique, even though she lacks the necessary funds. She boldly declares her intention to become a manager immediately, and also expresses a desire to pursue acting or fashion design. Jansie, however, cautions Sophie about the unrealistic nature of these aspirations, but Sophie stubbornly chooses to ignore the warnings.

Sophie lives with her father, mother, little brother Derek, and elder brother Geoff. The father appears to be carefree and frequently goes to the pub. As a result, the burden of managing the household work falls on the mother. Geoff, on the other hand, has been out of school for three years and works as an apprentice mechanic. He is reserved person and rarely talks about his activities outside of work.

Sophie deeply trusts and relies on her older brother, Geoff. She confides in him, sharing what she considers to be secrets. Sophie firmly believes that Geoff will always be there for her and never betray her trust. Despite admiring her brother and wanting to spend time with him during his trips outside of town, Geoff believes that Sophie is too young for such excursions. Also, Sophie’s father shares this sentiment and does not permit her to join Geoff on his outings.

One day, Sophie excitedly tells her brother Geoff about meeting Danny Casey, an Irish sports star. However, her father dismisses it as a wild dream and warns Sophie that her obsession with Danny Casey could lead to trouble. Sophie try to make Geoff promise not to tell anyone about a secret she has. However, Geoff seems skeptical and responds by saying “Nothing to tell is there.” Sophie then proceeds to inform Geoff that she has had intimate conversations with someone named Danny and that he has developed feelings for her. She even mentions that Danny has promised to meet her alone. In response, Geoff expresses disbelief and says “It’s the unlikeliest thing I ever heard.” This indicates that Geoff doesn’t believe Sophie’s stories about her interactions with Danny.

The entire family attends a football match where Danny Casey plays and manages to score the final goal. After the fictional meeting between Sophie and Danny becomes the talk of the neighborhood, even Jansie approaches Sophie to inquire about it. To convince Jansie of the story’s truthfulness, Sophie artfully chooses her words, making it seem like the meeting did indeed occur. However, she also requests Jansie’s promise to keep this information strictly confidential. By doing so, Sophie ensures that the fabricated tale remains confined within their conversation.

Even though Sophie is aware in her heart that Danny has not truly committed to spending time with her alone, she lets her fantasies run wild and believes that he has. This leads her to go to a secluded spot by the canal and wait for him on a bench. Despite her intuition telling her otherwise, Sophie continues to wait in self-deception, clinging onto the hope that Danny will eventually show up. Her feelings of sadness and heartbreak stem from her realization that her ambitions were unrealistic and self-deceptive. She fears becoming a subject of ridicule in her neighborhood, adding to her emotional distress. Ultimately, Sophie’s dreams have caused her to suffer and experience disappointment.

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