Chapter 2 Eveline Class 12 Kaleidoscope English NCERT Summary

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Chapter 2 Eveline Class 12 Kaleidoscope English NCERT Summary aims to provide students with a quick glimpse of the chapter’s main points and concepts making it easier for them to understand and retain the information. Through this, students can enhance their learning experience by having a clear understanding of the chapter’s key details.

Eveline Class 12 Kaleidoscope English NCERT Notes is a helpful tool that offers a concise overview of each chapter in the NCERT textbook.

Chapter 2 Eveline Class 12 Kaleidoscope NCERT Notes

About the Story

In this story, the author presents a sympathetic portrayal of the protagonist, Eveline, who finds herself trapped in a monotonous and burdensome life. Even though Eveline has a chance to get away from her bad situation, she has trouble getting up the courage to do so. The story is about a young Irish woman, nineteen years old, who wants to leave her cruel father and poor life in Ireland to go to Buenos Aires with her lover, Frank, in search of a better life.

About the Author

James Joyce was an Irish novelist and short story writer. He was born in West Rathgar, Dublin, in 1882. He attended University College Dublin in 1899-1902, where he studied modern languages with Latin and logic. Joyce’s first publication in 1907 was the poetry collection Chamber Music. He is known for his bold experiments in narrative techniques in fiction, and Ulysses is his most famous work. ‘Eveline’ is one of the fifteen stories of Dublin life that form Dubliners, first published in 1914.

Eveline NCERT Summary Class 12 Kaleidoscope English

Eveline Hill sits at a window in her house and looks out onto the street as she talks about her childhood. She and her friends used to play in a field that is now full of new homes. Derines, Waters, the Dunns, Keogh (maybe a dog), and her brothers and sisters were her playmates. Her mother and brother, Ernst, had both died. Harry, Eveline’s second brother, was almost never at home because he was too busy in church decorating business.

Eveline was the only one who could take care of her two younger brothers. After her mother died, Eveline was in charge of taking care of the family’s finances and making sure everyone was taken care of, especially her two younger brothers. Eveline used to work in a shop to keep herself busy so she could take care of this duty. She used to sell things so she could make money. But she only made seven shillings a week, which wasn’t enough for her to live a happy life.

Eveline’s father was an alcoholic and a mean person. In fact, he used to give his share of the weekly cleaning money only after Eveline asked him to do so over and over again. At one point in her life, Eveline was tired of fighting all the time, and she wanted to leave her hard life behind.

Eveline faces a difficult dilemma whether to stay at home like a good daughter or leave Dublin with her sailor boyfriend, Frank. He wants to marry her and move to Buenos Aires with her, and she has already agreed to go with him without telling anyone. Eveline says that Frank’s courtship of her was nice until her father started to say he didn’t like Frank and fight with him. After that, the two people in love met in secret.

Eveline is sitting on her couch thinking about her choice to start a new life. She has two letters in her lap, one to her father and one to her brother Harry. Ernest had been her favourite but she liked Harry too. Her father was becoming old lately, she noticed, he would miss her.

As time ran out, Eveline continued to sit by the window, leaning her head against the window curtain. She heard a street organ playing in the air, reminding her of her promise to her mother to keep the home together as long as possible. She remembered the last night of her mother’s illness and the melancholy air outside.

Eveline and Frank wait in a crowd at the docks in Dublin to get on the ship. She seems distant and worried, and the pictures around her seem to be too much for her. She prays to God for guidance. The last time she said what she wanted to do seems to have never happened. Eveline protests Frank when the boat’s whistle goes off. She felt him seize her hand: “Come!” but Eveline stays still and doesn’t move or show any feeling. She didn’t get on the ship to Buenos Aires, so Frank had to get on the ship alone.

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