Why Belgium has decided to close all its nuclear power plants by 2025?

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Belgium’s nuclear phase-out is a political promise that dates back to 2003, and the country has also committed to investing in research for smaller modular nuclear reactors. The French Utility runs two nuclear power plants with 7 reactors total in Belgium, which account for almost half of the country’s electricity generation.

Belgium nuclear phase out: Belgium’s Government has agreed in principle to close all of its nuclear power stations by 2025. However, if the country cannot otherwise guarantee energy supply, it has left the possibility open of extending the lives of two reactors.

For months, Belgium’s seven-party coalition has been battling over the issue, with the Greens adamant that a 2003 legislation mandating an atomic exit must be upheld. Meanwhile, the French-speaking liberals favored extending the lives of the two newest reactors.

The Belgian government was required to resolve the problem of nuclear reactors by the end of 2021.

Why Belgium has decided to phase out nuclear plants?

Belgium has chosen to phase out nuclear power generation in favor of gas as a bridge to sustainable energy sources as well as new technology nuclear solutions after.

The Belgian nuclear phase-out began in 2003, when the country made a political commitment to reduce its reliance on nuclear power.

Despite the fact that nuclear power plants emit few pollutants in the air, which have aided them to fulfill climate change targets, building and dismantling nuclear facilities generate a large amount of greenhouse gases. Another concern is that relying on nuclear energy would jeopardize the development of renewable energy technologies.

How Belgium will make up for energy shortfall after nuclear phase out?

The country must still establish how it will make up for the energy deficit. However, a gas-fired plant just north of Brussels has been denied a permit, which indicates that one of the bidders was not given permission to build.

Belgium is prepared to spend 100 million euros over the next four years in research on nuclear power technology. Smaller module reactors will be emphasized, as well as collaboration with France and the Netherlands.

Belgium nuclear phase out

On October 1, 2022, Belgium’s planned nuclear exit will begin with the shutdown of one nuclear reactor. The decommissioning process, which will include the removal of all radioactive substances as well as the demolition of facilities, will take until 2045.

Nuclear power plants in Belgium

In Belgium, the French Utility runs two nuclear power plants with seven reactors in total. They generate almost half of the country’s electricity.

Nuclear Power phase out

Countries with the plan of Nuclear phase out by 2030s:

  1. Belgium
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. Switzerland

List of countries with no nuclear power plants

S. NoCountries
10New Zealand
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