Chapter 6 Amanda Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Summary

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Chapter 6 Amanda Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Summary are prepared by experts and contain all the important information that a student needs to know for their exams. These notes help students revise the concepts quickly and effectively. The notes help them prepare well for their exams and score good marks. The language is also student-friendly and helps them revise the chapters easily.

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Chapter 6 Amanda Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Notes

About the Poet

A children’s book author, Robin Mc Maugh Klein was born in New South Wales on 28 February 1936 and resides near Melbourne today. When she was sixteen, she published her first short story. She has been nominated for CBCA Children’s Book of the Year several times.

Amanda Short Notes

Throughout this poem, Amanda’s view of life and liberty is expressed. Her mother asks her if she has done her homework, cleaned her room and shoes, and if she wishes to draft in the sea like a mermaid. She is instructed not to bite her nails and not to hunch her shoulders. It seems that she wishes she were an orphan roaming the dusty streets as an orphan. Her mother forbids her to eat chocolate, and she doesn’t even look at the speaker because she doesn’t like restrictions like these. The little girl considers herself Rapunzel, and she longs for the day when some prince will save her.

Chapter 6 Amanda Detailed Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Summary

Amanda is biting her nails. Her mother does not want her to do this. She also doesn’t want her to hunch her shoulders down. She wants her to sit straight. Amanda’s body seems to be drooping towards one side. She needs to sit up straight and adopt a right posture, according to her mother.

Amanda doesn’t bother what her mother wants. Amanda lives in a fantasy world where she imagines that she is on a lovely emerald island where everyone except her lives peacefully. As a mermaid, she moves freely and happily as she pleases. The mother asks Amanda if she has done her homework, if her room is tidy. Amanda has not cleaned her shoes yet, but her mother has already asked her if she has cleaned her shoes.

Amanda seemed quite frustrated by her mother’s instructions that made her think she was an orphan without anyone to limit her freedom. It was her dream to walk barefoot on the dusty street, making patterns on the dusty road. She so longed for silence and freedom that she did not mind being an orphan in order to get it.

Amanda’s mother instructs her not to eat chocolate. Since Amanda has acne, eating chocolate can cause problems for her. Amanda doesn’t pay attention to what her mother says, and she doesn’t look at her mother when she is giving her instructions. When she speaks, the mother expects her to look at her.

Amanda doesn’t care what her mother says at all. She thought about being Rapunzel, a princess who was locked in a tower by a witch. She didn’t want to have anyone come up holding onto her bright hair like Rapunzel did. She didn’t want anyone invasive into her privacy and silence.

The mother of Amanda advises her not to sulk or feel unhappy any longer. She feels that Amanda is always moody and behaves like that. Otherwise, people will assume Amanda is unhappy because her mother constantly nags her.

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