What Is Advertising Techniques? 13 Techniques Used by the Advertisers

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To inform customers about the goods, increase sales, boost market value, and build industry reputation and respect, every firm must advertise.

Every firm invests a significant amount of money on marketing but only if the greatest advertising methods for their products are utilized. So here are some of the most popular and most frequently used techniques employed by marketers to achieve their goals.

Emotional Appeal

A business’s brand is frequently advertised in this manner. The needs of clients and the fear factor are two factors utilized to promote a product or service. Under the guise of need, the following are some of the most frequent appeals:

  • There’s a lot of competition out there, so you need to stand out.
  • People are ready to accept you as soon as they realize that your organization or cause is having a significant impact.
  • The need for being left alone is hard to satisfy.
  • The need for a fresh start with the old
  • The necessity for security
  • To become more appealing, a property must be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Most common appeals under fear are:
  • fear of accident
  • fear of death
  • fear of being avoided
  • fear of getting sick
  • fear of getting old, etc.

Promotional Advertising

The second way to market is known as product sampling. This method entails giving free samples of the goods to consumers. To gain the attention of customers, products are offered at trade shows, promotional events, and advertising campaigns.

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Bandwagon Advertising

Customers are persuaded to join the group of people who have bought this product and become on the winning side by utilizing this technique. For example, Pantene’s recent shampoo commercial, which states, “15crores women trusted Pantene, and you?”

Facts and Statistics

Here, advertisers utilize statistics, proof, and actual cases to demonstrate how effective their service is. For example, “Lizol floor cleaner cleans 99.99 percent germs” or “Colgate is used by 70% of the world’s dentists,” or Simply 6 seconds: Eno

Unfinished Ads

The advertisers here simply play with words by claiming that their product is superior, but they do not specify how much better than the competition. Lays, for example, may not be eaten just one—or Horlicks, which contains more nutrition daily. The advertisements don’t indicate who should eat more or in what quantity.

Weasel Words

In this approach, the advertisers don’t claim to be the finest of their competitors, but they also don’t deny it. E.g., “Sunsilk Hairfall Solution – hairfall reduction.” The ad does not state that hair loss will be halted.

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Celebrities are hired by marketers to promote their products. Celebrities, such as Amitabh Bacchan and Jaya Tendulkar, endorse the product by describing their own experiences with it. A diamond jewelry ad recently featured Amitabh Bacchan and his wife Jaya promoting a shoe brand. A cricket star, Sachin Tendulkar, promoted a shoe brand in recent years.

Complementing the Customers

The advertisers in this example utilized punch lines that appeal to the people who buy their items. Revlon, for example, states, “Because you are worth it.”

Ideal Family and Ideal Kids

The advertisers that employ this approach demonstrate that their product is used by a happy, go-lucky family. The ad usually features a tidy, well-appointed home with well-behaved children and a humble but pleasant family. E.g., an dettol soap advertisement shows everyone in the household using the product, ensuring they are protected against germs. When compared to others who do not use this detergent, they display a bright fluorescent line covering the whole body of each family member.

Patriotic Advertisements

Advertisements like these show how to help one’s nation while utilizing their product or service. For example, some items were combined and claimed in their advertising that if you buy any of these goods, you will be assisting a kid in going to school. Another mobile phone company’s ad featured a celebrity demonstrating that customers who utilize the firm’s SIM card may assist reduce the country’s population.

Questioning the Customers

Advertisements that use this approach ask queries to customers in order to obtain feedback for their goods. E.g., Amway advertisements like “Who has so many farms completely organic in nature,” “Who gives the strength to climb up the stairs at the age of 70,” and “Is there anyone who is listening” keep on asking questions. Finally, the response comes: “Amway: We are Listening.”


Customers are bribed with personalized incentives such as “buy one shirt and get one free,” or “be a club member for two years and get 20% off on all services.”

Surrogate Advertising

The second technique is to distribute the ad over a large portion of your targeted demographic. This is most often utilized by businesses who can’t promote their items directly. Advertisements that are indirect are used by marketers to promote their products so that consumers may become aware of the actual product. The most well-known example of this approach is liquor commercials, in which individuals aren’t drinking genuine alcohol but instead drinking mineral water, soft drinks, or soda instead.

These are the main approaches used by advertisers to promote their goods. Online advertising includes a number of methods, including online banner advertising, in which a banner is added to web pages, and content marketing, in which material is used to advertise the product online. Link advertising gives links on various sites so that visitors can go straight to the product website without going through other sites.

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