Slogan on Noise Pollution

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Unwanted sound has been a component of urban life and industrial centres in this century, and it is becoming more prevalent. Noise pollution is commonly defined as the exposure to high levels of sound waves that have a harmful impact on the human being or other living organisms in a natural environment.

Noise pollution can be caused by loudspeakers, industries, aeroplanes, moving trains, building activity, or even a radio broadcasting station. When exposed to noise levels of 80 dB or higher for more than 8 hours a day, stress and changes in breathing patterns occur.

Causes of Noise Pollution

  • Noise from automobiles, trucks, and other types of vehicles.
  • Television and radio are being used.
  • Transportation by rail and aircraft
  • The use of loudspeakers is encouraged.
  • Construction activities generate a great deal of noise.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Even a brief exposure to loud noise might result in temporary hearing impairment.

Long-term exposure to noise can result in a gradual degeneration of the inner ear, which can eventually result in deafness.

Contractions of the blood vessels and muscles are caused by the constant sound. Gradual loss of hearing, hypertension, anxiousness, and psychological disorder are all consequences of this condition.

Constantly higher sounds can cause headaches and also cause emotional instability by disrupting the balance of the brain.

Hearing damage and other health problems can be caused by noise pollution, especially in children and teenagers.

The effects of noise pollution interfere with animals’ ability to attract mates, communicate, navigate, find food, or avoid predators. This constitutes an existential threat to vulnerable organisms.

How to Control Noise Pollution

A green belt has been shown to significantly reduce noise.

An extensive green belt of vegetation and open spaces in general may be of significant use in metropolitan areas, both for the purpose of noise reduction and for the purpose of air cleaning.

An internal plantation of 20 feet in width shields the house from the sounds of passing vehicles.

Installing decibel metres along highways and in factories would help to monitor and regulate the intensity of noise pollution.

Slogans of Noise Pollution

Maintain your composure and protect your hearing.

Maintain a low level of noise, otherwise the noise will hold you down.

When you don’t say anything at all, you can convey more information.

Respect for another person’s sleep.

In stillness, pay attention to God’s voice.

Make a lot of noise and you’ll end up being one of those.

Silence is beneficial; so, keep the silence.

Just make a pledge to yourself that you will always drive but will never make noise.

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