Difference between Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software both are integral parts of computers. Hardware refers to physical devices such as the case and power supply. On the other hand, software is anything that can be written by a human—such as programs, applications, and files.


Software is a computer-based application that can be used for personal and business purposes. It is designed to run on a computer. The software that runs a computer can be divided into two categories, usually referred to as application software and system software. Application software is used to accomplish specific tasks, while system software manages the hardware and other parts of the operating system. There are many different types of software for computers which can be used for a variety of tasks. Some examples include word processing software, video editing software, and web design software. Google Chrome, MS Word are some of the most popular software.


Hardware includes the physical components of a computer, such as the motherboard, processors, memory chips, and storage devices. The hardware enables the user to run software on a computer and also assists in other tasks like running diagnostics or opening a webpage. The most important part of hardware is its ability to make all our software possible. Without it, there would be no way for us to interact with our computers in any way.

The hardware used in computers is further divided into two types: system components and peripheral devices. The system components include the CPU, RAM, BIOS, storage devices (like hard disk drives or solid-state drives), graphics card, motherboard and input/output devices. Peripheral devices are mostly computer peripherals and include display screens, mice, keyboards and speakers.

Difference between hardware and software

Hardware is a physical parts computer that cause processing of data.Software is a collection of instructions that tell the computer exactly what to do.
These are manufactured.These are developed by software programmers.
When a component is damaged, it can be replaced with a new one.When it get damaged, one can re-install the software using a backup copy.
Hardware is physical electronic devices that we can see and touch.The software is installed, can be seen and used but it can’t be seen or touched.
Hardware will physically wear out over time.Software license can get expired that can be renewed. Also, it can get affected by bugs and viruses.

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